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Victory in Jesus 2019-08-18 Jim Plunket, Romans 8


We were honored to have Cocolalla Lake Bible Camp, Family Camp, join us this week in worship and teaching.  Pastor Jim Plunket taught from Romans chapter 8, entreating us to set our priorities on reaching the world first with Gospel.  We might consider the circumstances of this world, the lawlessness, the sinfulness of this world […]

The Resurrection of Jesus (Luke 24 and various)


The Resurrection of Jesus changes forever those who believe in Him.  John 6:37 John 10:10 The disciples unbelief and change of heart Luke 24:12, 16, 27, 32, 45 Acts 2:24 Changed lives forever Acts 9 Acts 13:36-38 What Resurrection means for us today Ephesians 2:2 Genesis 2:17 Mathew 5:17, 18 Philippians 3:9 Conclusion Isaiah 1:18

The Only Way Home (John 14:6)


John 14:6 Sunday, January 28, 2018 The only Way Home Foolish ways the men sell God. Only through Jesus 1 Corinthians 3:11 Acts 4:12 1 Timothy 2:5 The fool has said No exit Romans 2 A) B) C) An insult to God When you turn from Jesus, you are telling God that you don’t need […]