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The Resurrection of Jesus (Luke 24 and various)


The Resurrection of Jesus changes forever those who believe in Him.  John 6:37 John 10:10 The disciples unbelief and change of heart Luke 24:12, 16, 27, 32, 45 Acts 2:24 Changed lives forever Acts 9 Acts 13:36-38 What Resurrection means for us today Ephesians 2:2 Genesis 2:17 Mathew 5:17, 18 Philippians 3:9 Conclusion Isaiah 1:18

Family Camp 2015 – Glen Johnson

Glen Johnson, faithful minister of the Gospel locally, and abroad for the last sixty years presents communion, to “us” the church, the body of Christ.  In this unique service, he presents the scope of what Christ meant with the words, “this is my body… …for you” – Introducing “Communion” as an act of worship that Christ […]