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The Woman at the Well (John 4:1-6)(20160626)


Pastor McLeod offers the true teaching of the biblical universalism – not to be confused with the false doctrine of un-biblical universalism.  The false doctrine refers to the idea that God cannot condemn the “unsaved”, therefore all are instead eventually saved.  The biblical doctrine refers to the universal availability of the saving grace of God offered […]

Predicting His Resurrection (John 2:18, 19)(20160221)


PREDICTING HIS RESURRECTION John 2:18,19   Introduction   Theme: The proof of Christ’s authority and Messiahship. I. What event? II. The prediction indicated- III. How it proved His divine authority- Application (I Cor.3:16,17; Heb.13:8; Isa.59:1,2; Phi.3:10)