John 4:24

Sunday, July 24, 2016

In Spirit and Truth
John 4:24
Offering up worship that is acceptable to God.

Up to now the worship had been physical, legal and ritual. This appeals to pride, our legalistic nature. The bible says that these are shadows and types.

Answering a question
Deuteronomy 12:5-7(seek the LORD in a place. One place. The temple.)
1 Kings 8:44, 48 (even under captivity, they were to turn toward Jerusalem when in prayer.)
Acts 4:12 (only one way-Jesus)
John 14:6
Isaiah 66:1, 2 (cannot contain God in a house)

Jerusalem, the place of proper sacrifice, not the high places. God condemned the sacrifice of the high places. It was a precursor to Christ, the only way of salvation.

The place of worship was important, but not all-important.

It is sad that we ignore the person who beckons us to come to Him. We pay on the fly, not realizing the power in prayer. We cannot survive in this world without it. We must pursue a close, daily walk with Jesus.

The day may soon come where we proclaim Him at the cost of our lives. If you are not seeking God on a daily basis, then you are not prepared for what is coming.

Not bodily, or in physical ordinances, but in spirit and in truth.

Some denominations teach and practice weekly communion at risk of losing one’s salvation. This is a works salvation, and many believe wrongly the salvation that they hold is dependent upon the practices that they keep.

We look to Jesus as our savior, and our trust in him. We do not take communion lightly, but it is not formality either. We ought never be in a hurry, but like Jesus be on time to take time. Jesus wants the heart.

Our worship must contain our sincerity.

Acceptable worship
Hebrews 4:13. (Every thought is open before Him)
Psalms 9:7 (he weighs our thoughts)
Matthew 15:7-9
Isaiah 1:11-15 (God’s assessment of abominable prayer.)

Do we even get through the day without the form of prayer? How many nights?

God wants your heart, for Him, for your family, and for those around us. Formal prayer is not…

Our failure in the spirit of prayer

Luke 18:13
2 Corinthians 2:11
Romans 8:26, 28

It is possible to be intimidated by saintly prayers, but God is looking at your heart, your fervent groans, not your fluency.

The Holy Spirit makes intercession for the heartfelt prayer. The attitude must be in spirit avand in truth, but in any other way, it is an abomination.