Linda Nelson

Linda Nelson is a missionary, commissioned by Southside Community Church to serve at Cocolalla Lake Bible Camp. After retiring from full-time Food Services at camp, she continues to serve as Director of Women’s Events in camp ministry.  This involves a number of women’s weekend retreats throughout the year.  Linda also serves as Camp Host each Sunday during Summer Camp, greeting families and campers to help them find their way through the registration process on arriving at camp.

In church ministry, Linda is the Director of Missions, presenting missions around the world each month on Missions Focus Sunday.  Linda also is the planner and organizer of Southside Community Church’s Missions Conference event. 

In personal outreach Linda is a mentor of women and teens, offering life skills and discipleship based on Biblical truth.  Linda is a requested  speaker at various Women’s Retreats throughout the Northwest.

Bruce and Lynda Morock

Hi, we are Bruce and Lynda Morock. We came to Southside Community Church in 1983 as teachers at Southside Christian School.

In 1989 (May) we began our missionary journey interning with a Mexican (AMF) pastor in southern Idaho as we served the Hispanic church and community. In 1991 we crossed the border into Mexico and served, for the most part, until 2018.

I say ‘for the most part’ because in 2005 we came “home” to serve as director for Cocolalla Lake Bible Camp until 2011. In 2011 we returned to Mexico.

Returning from Mexico in 2018 we joined up with Village Missions and currently serve them as pastor/missionary in a central California rural church. May 2021 will mark the 32nd year we have served as missionaries under the Southside Community Church banner.

Sam and Maddie Lampe

We serve with Cru Lifelines. Cru is formerly Campus Crusade for Christ, and Lifelines is the outdoor ministry branch of Cru. So with that, we serve in Bend, Oregon doing campus outreach and discipleship with the two local campuses in Bend, helping students to grow in their faith or even hear about Jesus for the first time.

We also lead various Christ-centered outdoor trips for colleges all across the Pacific Northwest, helping students to grow in faith, character, and leadership. It is the mission that God has put on our hearts to bring people to Jesus both on college campuses and in the amazing outdoors that He created!