Members of Southside, 

As is obvious to many of us, there has been a recent swell in covid cases in our community. Several members of Southside have been impacted by this virus. As your pastor, I am eager to communicate with you about how our church will respond to this issue. 

Because there is no legal mandate from the state of Idaho regarding covid policy in churches, it is left up to church leaders to act wisely and offer direction to the group. The leaders of Southside ask that you cooperate with the guidelines below:

  1. Please do not come to church if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms. Even if these symptoms are minor, it is not worth the risk of spreading sickness or covid to others.
  2. Please do not come to church if you have been in contact with anyone was tested positive for covid. Although you may not have covid yourself and may have been vaccinated, it is still possible to spread the virus to others. 
  3. If you are concerned about contracting covid, or have a high-risk health condition we recommend that you stay home. Please do not feel guilty for playing it safe and staying home! We certainly do not want anyone who is vulnerable to suffer unnecessarily from this virus. All the sermons will be posted online, and we can supply you with other means of hearing them if you need it. Please reach out to us if we can serve you in any way. 
  4. Feel free to wear a mask to church, but they are not required. After being in covid conditions for more than a year now, most of us should be very aware of how to act in a mature way about the varying opinions of covid policy. If you feel safer wearing a mask, you should wear one without hesitation. If you prefer to not wear one, it is not our place to require it. 
  5. Pursue a godly attitude. Regardless of your opinion on this matter, Scripture calls you to “be at peace with all men” “so far as it depends on you” (Romans 12:18). To be lights in the world (Philippians 2:15), you should “do all things without grumbling or disputing” (Philippians 2:14). Satan loves to divide God’s people over trivial issues, so you can serve the body of Christ well by praying for your church and having a good attitude. Please pray for your church leaders and the people of Bonner county during this time.

If you have issues or concerns, Pastor Joseph is eager to discuss the matter with you.

(870) 370-3439

For God’s Glory, 

Pastor Joseph and the leaders of Southside